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It Won’t Be Long: Our Lives as POWs in Korea

a Charley Trujillo film

In 1950 U.S. military forces are overwhelmed in Korea; two POWs survive the grueling 1000-mile march and a frostbite winter to arrive at the ceaseless horror of the “death box”. Forced to march intermixed with their captors, it’s every man to themselves when U.S. and other friendly warplanes spray lead upon the men. As malnutrition takes hold of the POWs, psychological warfare is applied on those considered reactionaries. Having served bravely while underequipped and outnumbered, POWs return home labeled as communists.


These are the accounts of Milton Gamboa and David Villafana, two Chicanos soldiers who reflect on their experiences from over 60 years ago.


Charley Trujillo, co-director of the PBS aired Soldados: Chicanos in Viet Nam, and documentary filmmaker Art Cervantes have joined efforts to tell Milton and David’s story in their unique voice.


Filling the void in telling our Chicano stories is a challenging undertaking. As filmmakers we are committed to completing this amazing documentary film. Reaching the finish line comes down to time and financial resources. If you feel as strongly that our stories deserve the light of day, consider helping to fund the film at a level possible to you.

A Filmmaker's Appeal

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